About Us

BMC Inc. – Forestry is located in Woodlawn, Ontario (part of Ottawa).  We are a family owned and operated business with our Operations Yard established in Woodlawn in 2002.  We own a woodlot here in West Carleton and another much larger one (600 acres) west of Perth, Ontario.   

At the product level we process and inventory bulk, 16 inch single species (Oak, Maple, Beech, Ash or White Birch) firewood and traditional Mixed Hardwood.  We also inventory 12 inch firewood for Customers with small wood stoves or wood insert fireplaces.  We supply bagged firewood & kindling to both residential and commercial customers.  For Customers with outdoor furnaces we can do special cuts (longer or heavier split firewood)  to meet their preferred specifications.  For residential Customers that need small quantities because they  only have occasional usage in wood stoves, fireplaces, fire pits or simply campfire use we have a unique bagged product called “Economy Hardwood” that can fill those requirements.  We can also can supply cedar posts and rails.

In 2018 we expanded our retail offerings to include “small split” bagged smoker wood with Hickory, Apple, Cherry and Maple usually in inventory.  See FAQ for details.

We have also included a sawmill for supplying rough cut lumber for Customers looking for special cuts or species.  We now have various sizes or lumber available.  Mostly the more traditional cuts of Cherry, Walnut, Red Oak, Beech, Hickory, Maple, Ash, Pine and Cedar.  Some available in 2 or 3 inch slab sizes up to 12 feet long at various widths.

Our dynamic growth over the last 21 years has resulted in us becoming one of the largest suppliers of dry hardwood in Ottawa and the Valley.  

We provide forestry services to customers that own their woodlots or customers looking to do bush/yard clean up or building lot clearing.  We also supply individual tree service work to Customers having single or multiple tree problems. 

Every year, all of our previous firewood customers receive a mailer in early to mid July.  The vast majority of customers place their orders in July or early August and then receive a detailed Order Confirmation from us via email.  We then telephone the customer to schedule a delivery date.  No phoning around trying to find someone reputable or trying to find suppliers who have the inventory of the dry wood they want for the fall.  Once we have confirmed the order we will hold the firewood until the customer is ready to take  delivery.  We try to make buying firewood a “No Hassle” experience.

Some of our new customers tell us that they equate buying firewood to buying a used car.  They have trouble developing trust in the people and the process and do not enjoy doing it.  In our opinion, the firewood supplier industry is mostly made up of small operators that sell whatever they have.  They may be around for one year and not the next.  Supplying quality product and providing good customer service is not necessarily a top priority for many of them because they don’t plan on being around the following year and the market demand for many years seems to have been greater than the supply capability.  Over the years we have listened to many new customers tell us about how dissatisfied they were with previous firewood suppliers and the quality of the firewood they received.  We think that many of you would like to see a higher level of professionalism and be able to develop a trust in their firewood supplier.  Above all else you expect to get what you paid for.  We will meet those expectations.  Take a moment to read our Customer Testimonials.

You will find that as part of dealing with us, we will take the time on the telephone or by email to understand your specific firewood needs and are always happy to offer suggestions based on our own experience, and that of our customers, on what works well for the various firewood burning applications.  We intend on earning and keeping your trust.  The Frequently Asked Questions Section of the website has evolved over several years and should cover most Customer questions.

You will find our prices on dry firewood very competitive.  Read the FAQ section before you buy firewood from anyone.  It will help prepare you for asking the right questions of firewood suppliers. Make sure you are comparing apples to apples (or in this case firewood to firewood).   Given that we set our prices very early in the year we will be reviewing market conditions, supply and competitive pricing and may revise our now current price list at a later date to come in line with any market trends.  Should our prices go up we will honor pricing on all orders received that have been formally confirmed by us regardless as to delivery date.

We are different than almost all firewood suppliers (they only sell Mixed Hardwood) in that we provide you the opportunity to purchase bulk firewood of a single species.  For 2022 you can purchase all Oak, all Maple, all Beech, all White Birch, all Ash or traditional Mixed Hardwood.  The success of our marketing approach is reflected in the fact that over 90% of all the firewood we sold last year was of a single species.  More info is found in the FAQ section.  We know of no other supplier that provides this overall selection.

Usually by November each year the inventory of dry firewood in the Ottawa area is basically exhausted.  Although we are one of the largest firewood suppliers in the Ottawa Valley and have dramatically increased our inventory year after year every year our rapid growth continues to result in our being sold out early.  In late December and through March we find some of our customers have already used up all the firewood they had purchased from us. Consequently, if they can find dry hardwood, they are then looking at paying higher prices for just basic Mixed Hardwood that is being sold by a few suppliers.  That has been the nature of the market for the last several years.  Our advice is if you decide not to purchase from us, then get an order in with someone else.  There will be a shortage of dry hardwood again this year.

For customers dealing with us for the first time our “New Customer Email Package” includes everything you need to place an order (Price List and Order Form).  You can fill in the Order Form and email it back. If you are more comfortable just giving us your order by telephone, please do.  Either way we will confirm your order by return email and then set up a delivery time to suit.

To request a “New Customer Email Package” or if you have any questions or comments please contact us via email at bmcforestry@outlook.com or by telephone  at 613-832-3617 (office) or 613-447-9963 (mobile).