Customer Testimonials


“Thanks John?  Appreciate it.  We were very happy with how the wood burned in the sauna. “

C.L.  Dunrobin – Mar. 2023 

“Thanks so much!  You are absolutely THE BEST to do business with.”

T.,T. Ottawa – Sep. 2022

Tree Service Customer – “We’re so pleased with the work you and Chris did  yesterday.  Just perfect.  Thank you.”

W.T.  Dunrobin – Aug. 2022

“Looking forward to another fall/winter of your excellent firewood. Attached is my Order”

K.D.   Ottawa – Aug. 2022

“My husband picked up 10 bags of campfire wood late last fall;.  The quality was fantastic.”

L.C.  Ottawa – Feb. 2022

“Cathy and I love your wood and we are grateful for your service again this year.”

S.K.  Ottawa – July 2022

“We truly enjoyed the firewood you provided last season.”

A.S.  Ottawa – July 2022

“We’re so pleased with the work you and Chris did yesterday.  Just perfect, thank you.”

W.T.  Dunrobin – Aug. 2022

“The wood you delivered last year was amazing!  We would like to order again this year.”

J.H. Dunrobin – July 2021

“We are moving so we will not be getting your amazing wood.  We wish you the best for your upcoming year.”

L.Q.  Woodlawn – July 2021

“I have read your website, very interesting and informative.  Please see attached Order Form.”

P.N.  Stittsville – Mar. 2021

“Thanks much for your email and quick reply. I’ve filled in the Order Form.  Take good care and it’s a pleasure doing business with you.”

L.H.  Ottawa – Mar. 2021

“Please see the attached  order form for my wood this fall.  I wish to have 4 face cords of Oak.  As always, we love burning your wood and look forward to receiving your order every fall.”

J.F.  Richmond – Feb. 2021

” Just wanted to thank you for getting me set up with some wood yesterday.  Great product (Economy Bagged Hardwood).  We had our first fire tonight and the smaller pieces were perfect.  Thanks for the great service and adding me to your list of regular Customers.”

J. R.  Ottawa – Jan. 2021

“Thank you for your quick response.  I appreciate your business practice and loyalty to your clients”.

L.L.  Ottawa – Jan. 2021

“Good morning.  Just read the section on FAQ in its entirety – excellent.”

R.L.  Nepean  – Dec. 2020

“We love your Kindling and have run out.  I was wondering if we could get some more bags from you.”

S.K.  Stittsville – Dec. 2020

“Hi – just wanted you to know that your wood has made “Name’s” and my Christmas so much more enjoyable.  Hope you and yours are doing well.”

P.R.   Ottawa – Dec. 2020

‘”Attached is my order form for 3 face cords of Oak.  Last years was great – so efficient we used less of it than a shed full of hemlock in years before. “

M. W.  Carp – July 2020

” Thanks for the Mailer.  I really appreciate that you keep your Customers well informed.”

S.A.  Ottawa  – July 2020

“We received your Mailer,  which is packed with important information”.  “We appreciate your service.  Please keep us on the mailing list for next year”.

S.S..  Ottawa – July 2020

“Thanks again for the great delivery.”

J.H.  Kinburn – July 2020

“I would like to place an Order for 6 cords of mixed wood please.  The stuff bought last year was really good and burned great over the winter Can you send me an Order Form so i can get my request in ASAP.  Thanks.”

M.B. Carp – April 2020

“The wood we received last year was amazing.  We were nice and cozy”.

P.B  Fitzroy Harbour – Aug. 2019

Thanks lads… will be in touch in August for delivery.  You guys are great!”

P.D.  Woodlawn – July 2019

Tree Service Customer – “Thanks so much for the amazing work taking down our tree.  We were so impressed how clean everything was afterward.  You would never know there was a tree there and we’re incredibly grateful for the care that was taken to get everything done so efficiently.”

M.L.  Dunrobin – July 2019

” As we were successful in selling our home, you can remove our name from your preferred customer list.”

It was great doing business with you over the years as your service was always exceptional and your wood equally amazing.”

R.R.  Dunrobin – June 2019

“Just to say that the wood you delivered last fall was excellent.  It was is I ordered 50/50 White Birch and Ash.  Burned very nicely.  I would like one face cord this year again, delivered in September.  Same combination of species.”

J.L. Ottawa – June 2019

“I have purchased some of your economy wood (bags) in the late fall, and I have to tell you, that it is good stuff.  Bigger pieces burn long and HOT.  So, I do recall our discussion when we were loading up my Subaru about a summer load pick up, and I would just like to mention that I can get on your emailing list that way I can make sure I can get a cord (bush).”

K.B.  Ottawa – Feb. 2019

“My husband and I have really enjoyed learning about firewood from your website.  Thank you for providing so much information.  It’s a great website.”

S.R.  Ottawa – Dec. 2018

“Thank you for delivering the firewood! We tried it yesterday and it was very dry and the ones in the bags are amazing…perfect for our small stove.  I will buy some more next year.  Cheers.”

M.B.  Ottawa – Oct. 2018

“Thank’s very much for the wood.  Just finished putting it in.  It not only looks great but I find it restores the spirit.  Always have enjoyed stacking wood.  Looking forward to the first cold night and fire. Thanks again.”

C.S.  Ottawa – Oct. 2018

“Here is our Order for this year.  We were delighted with the quality of the wood last year.”

C.M  Ottawa – July 2018

“Many thanks for an excellent/balanced/rational newsletter.”

J.M.  Kanata –  July 2018

“Your wood quality, consistency and service have all been exceptional through the years.”

L.T.  Dunrobin – July 2018

“Thanks for your very informative mailer, as always!”

T.S.  Ottawa – July 2018

Tree Service Customer – “BMC did a great job removing problem trees at our cottage.  They weren’t just really efficient at cutting them down quickly and safely.  They also cleaned up really well and reduced most of them to fireplace-sized logs.”

J.R.  Ottawa – June 2018

“We used our wood stove a lot this past winter and the wood was excellent as always!”

G.M.  Ottawa – May 2018

“The FAQ section of your website is extremely detailed and helpful.  We have reviewed all the information and filled out an Order Form.”

S.S. Ottawa – May 2018

“After we moved to Woodlawn area we urgently needed 16″ long firewood for the fireplace and 12″ long firewood for the wood stove.  A neighbor suggested us to check with BMC Forestry.  We ended up finding all we needed in one spot.  We bought some some beautiful 16″ Oak . That is high end firewood. The Mercedes Benz of the firewood.  We have also bought about 2 face cords of bagged Mixed Wood of various shapes and sizes most between 10″ and 12″ which perfectly fed our stove through the first winter at the new place .  Five Star business.  Thank you guys.  Highly recommend.”

A. F. Woodlawn – March 2018

“I have never had such good wood as that you sold me a few years ago!  I have finally got through it and need another Cord”

E.A.  Ottawa – Sept. 2017

“Great Website”

A.E.  Ottawa – Sept. 2017

“It’s been a great pleasure dealing with you all these years, John.  You delivered consistently good wood and were always reliable and professional in the way you ran your business.  Most importantly, I could count on you to send me that email or give me that phone call that jarred me into action!  Thanks again for the great service you have provided”

V.M.  Dunrobin – August 2017

“Thanks so much for the price list and convenient order form.  Last year was my first year with firewood and I had a bad experience with another provider.  My neighbor “name” recommended you and I trust her judgement”.

V.L.   Ottawa – August 2017

It’s a pleasure dealing with you again.

V..l.  Carp – July 2017

“Thanks very much for the interesting, friendly and efficient mailer and service.”

T.S. Ottawa – July 2017

” Hey John… I have sold the house and will not be needing firewood this year… It has been a pleasure doing business with you these past few years and I wish you all the best in years to come.”

C.M.  Dunrobin – July 2017

Tree Service Customer – “The yard looks strange without the Ash tree, but it is very tidy – your crew did a fantastic job.”

A.M.  Kanata – June 2017

“We have sold our house and are in the process of moving.  It has been great knowing you these years and thank you for all the terrific service.  I will certainly miss the fireplace (where we are moving is gas).”

D. S.  Richmond – June 2017

“Nicest firewood  we have had delivered in over a decade, almost a shame to burn it.”

S.G.  Stittsville – May 2017

Tree Service Customer – “Thanks very much for a job well done – fast, effective and good clean up.”

L.T.  Dunrobin – Feb. 2017

“I must say. this is the highest quality firewood we have received in a long time.  We will reorder next year.”

S.G.  Stittsville  – Dec. 2016

“I’ve read much on your website and was impressed with what you offer.”

T.F.  Ottawa – Oct. 2016

Tree Service Customer – “Many thanks for doing that job. The place looks terrific. You and the lads did great work – very much appreciated.”

P.T.  Carp – Oct. 2016.

“Thanks to you for the lovely, dry wood”.

K.S.  Ottawa – Oct. 2016

” Beautiful firewood last year!  Made me look like a star because it burned so clean”.

R. B.  Ottawa – Jul. 2016

“We were so impressed with the service and the quality.”

A.G.  Ottawa – Jul. 2016

” Attached please receive my order for 4 face cords of wood.  I first ordered from you last year and it was all well-seasoned and excellent burning wood that helped keep us warm all winter in our masonry heater.  It was a pleasure to meet you.”

T.S.  Ottawa – Jul. 2016

” As always appreciate your service.”

S. C.  Stittsville – Jul. 2016

“Thanks for the efficient Ordering system.”

G. M.  Stittsville – Jul. 2016

“Thanks for the email.  As always an informative and entertaining read.”

B. R.  Dunrobin – Jul. 2016

“I’m disappointed to hear that you are sold out, but I guess that speaks to the success of your approach.  I’ve read much of your website and was impressed by what you offer.  Put me on your Mailer.”

T.F.  Ottawa – Dec. 2015

“Very impressive web presence and exhaustive information.”

J.M. Kanata – Oct. 2015

” Your website has excellent information – very informative.  Thank you.”

P. M.  Ottawa Oct. – 2015

Tree service Customer – “The trees look much better now that they are trimmed.  Great work and thanks for fitting us in.”

J.B.  Ottawa  Oct. 2015

“Very impressed with web presence and exhaustive information…..”

J.M.  Kanata – Oct. 2015

“Your wood is nice and clean and I do appreciate that.  Thanks for checking back with me.  Most places wouldn’t bother,  You are a class act.

A.W.  Ottawa – Sept. 2015

“I hope you are having a good summer.  Attached is my Order for this fall.  Thanks for keeping us warm and toasty.”

D.M.  Kanata – July 2015

“It is always a pleasure sending our business your way. “

S.C.   Stittsville – July 2015

“We were very satisfied with the Maple last year.  Many thanks for taking us on as new customers.  Can’t beat the wood heat.”

J.B.   Nepean – July 2015

“Thanks again John for another seasons worth of quality firewood.

B.B.   Kinburn – July 2015

“Our 2015 firewood order is attached.  We used a lot of firewood last year and it was excellent.  Always a pleasure doing business with you.”

G.M.   Stittsville – July 2015

“I would like a copy of your New Customer Mailer.   Thanks in advance – love your website (very informative).”

D.B.  Ottawa – Dec. 2014

“Your wood is nice and clean and I do appreciate that”.

A.W.  Ottawa – Sep. 2014

“Just finished piling the logs.  They split like butter.  Excellent wood.  Thanks”.

J.B.  Ottawa – Aug. 2014

“Great wood last year…we went through far less than normal having All Maple instead of Mixed Hardwood”.

D.K   Dunrobin – July 2014

Tree Service Customer – “The work looks just great by the way.  Thank you for getting us in before your real work begins”.

M.W.  Kanata – July 2014

“Are you still delivering orders at this time of year?  My compliments on your web site.”

K. H.  Dunrobin – Jan. 2014

“We’ve already had a chance to burn some of the wood you brought.  Such a nice change from the crap we got from another vendor last year.”

J.L.  Kanata – Oct. 2013

“We moved this summer and will no longer require firewood.  We shared your contact information with the new owners.  Best of luck in the future and thank you for your years of great service.”

S.R. Carp – Sept. 2013

“Sorry to have missed you yesterday.  The wood burns great.”

M.W.  Dunrobin – Sept. 2013

“Thanks for your email and thank you for your great service over the years.  I sold my place due to health issues.  I’ve forwarded your contact info to the new owners.”

T.M.  Carp – Sept. 2013

“We have always enjoyed the product you have delivered and although the Oak is preferred now having used it, I would still like to go ahead with the order you prepared.  Quite honestly, I wouldn’t want to buy firewood elsewhere!”

D.S.  Richmond – Aug 2013

“Please find attached my order form for 2013.  I look forward to doing business with you again this year”

D.J.  Ottawa – Aug. 2013

“Great service…I just wrote a cheque.  Thanks.”

G.B.  Dunrobin – Aug. 2013

“My compliments on your website, particularly the FAQ.  I would appreciate receipt of your New Customer Package”

J.M.  Ottawa – Aug. 2013

“Hi John – nice to hear from you.  Looks like business is booming -testament to the level of service you provide and quality of product at a fair price.”

R.D.  Dunrobin – July 2013

“Can you send me the Price List for this year.  We did not order last year .  By the way, that was the best firewood we have ever had!”

G.M.   Stittsville – July 2013

“The Ironwood is burning good. Thanks!  Do you have a recommendation for a good chimney sweep in Kanata North area?”

T.D.  Kanata – Oct. 2012

“Hi John, thanks to you and your lads……wood is stacked and we’re ready for winter.  Should keep us warm for the colder winter they are predicting.”

J. B.  Carp – Oct. 2012

” Just a few words to say I really enjoy all the information you send us.  It is wonderful to learn all you have to share about our wonderful resource – wood.  Thanks a lot for taking the time to put it together for us.”

C. L.  Ottawa – Sept 2012

“The Oak you sold us is super, thanks!  Can you recommend a good chimney sweeping company or person?

J.W.  Woodlawn – Sept. 2012

“I have read your website and found it very useful and informative.  Thanks for taking the time to explain the differences.”

M.F. Cantley, Quebec – Sept. 2012

“Thanks for both this and your voicemail yesterday.  You guys do great customer service.

E.T.  Woodlawn – Sept. 2012

“After some delay, I finally have an Order for you.  I do hope I have ordered the same wood as last time.  It was great.

A.C. Ottawa – Sept. 2012

“We do not need wood this year but please keep me on the mailing list for next summer as we will be ordering then.  I would like to tell you that your fire wood is the best we have ever had; dry and cut to just the right size.  We enjoyed many warm fires in our wood stove all winter long.”

G. M.   Stittsville – Sept. 2012

“Thanks for the great service”

K.M. Ottawa – Jul. 2012

“I think your emails/customer relations are just great.   Things have been just so busy here we’re hardly ever home together in the evening for a fire and fellowship -fires here are for socializing/relaxing rather than for heat”

R.D. Ottawa – Jul. 2012

“Awesome.  Thanks for the quick reply.  I have already been on the website and I am very impressed with the detailed information presented in such an organized way.  I will be sending in my order form shortly.”

J.S. Ottawa – May 2012

“I’ve been on your website and found it very informative. Thanks for putting it together. We have been looking for a supplier of single species firewood for a while.”

C.L. Ottawa – Jan. 2012

“Thanks for the great wood, it is all stacked in the garage.  If possible, do you think we could get another 2 cords of same?”

J.W.  Woodlawn – Oct. 2011

“Thanks for the early ordering opportunity!  I learnt my lesson last year when we ordered wood for the first time really late in the fall.  But you came through for us, so we are back for more.”

E. T.  Woodlawn – August 2011

“I have to also say a friendly efficient service, very many thanks.”

J. T.   Ottawa – July 2011

“I won’t be needing any more wood, as I am selling the house.  When it sells I will let whomever buys it know about your great service.”

E.S.   Woodlawn – July 2011

“We enjoyed your wood last winter – this time we will ensure we’ve got lots for the entire winter.” 

G.A.   Ottawa – July 2011

“Great website, very informative and professional.”

I.S.   Carp – July 2011

“I won’t be needing firewood going forward as I will be moving to a home without a wood fireplace.  Thank you for the excellent wood over the past years.  If I find myself needing firewood, BMC will be my first call.”

D.F.   Stittsville – July 2011

Tree Service Customer “I am very pleased with the work you and your lads did, both from the point of view of scheduling to meet our timing, and for the thorough and careful approach you took to felling, blocking, hauling & splitting all the wood.  All in all, a very professional job, and a most reasonable cost as well.”

L.T.  Dunrobin – Dec. 2010

“We’ve been happy with your service over the years and would like to continue receiving our wood from BMC.”

P.L.   Carp – Aug. 2010

“Do not think we will need more firewood this year.  Although we are not ordering we would like to remain on your mailer list as we are extremely happy with your product and will be ordering from you next fall.

N.W.  Ottawa – Aug. 2010

“Thanks for the reminder – we still have enough firewood from last year, so probably won’t need any until next year.  Please keep us in your email loop though – the wood we received is excellent.”

J.S. Woodlawn – Aug. 2010

“Thanks for the great service last year.  We were very pleased with the wood.  I recommended you to my friend,.”

S. F.  Kanata – July  2010

“Thanks for the wood.   I have been impressed with how well it burns.  Very dry.”

P.D.   Dunrobin – Dec.  2009

“Thanks for your advice last week.  I have had two wonderful fires since we talked.  I must admit, it is the best firewood I have ever purchased.  Take good care.”

L. S.   Woodlawn – Nov. – 2009

“Thanks for the wood delivery.  We had our first “maple” fire last night and it was great.  Thanks again.

M. C.   Woodlawn – Nov. 2009

“Thanks for the hardwood delivery.  Wanted to let you know the wood looks great. Cut into nice size.  The wood we had last year was cut in big chunks.  Many thanks John and keep us on the list for next year.”

M. K.   Dunrobin – Oct. 2009

“Thanks John, I really appreciate your patience with us just showing up.  You are very professional and I will be sure to pass the word at ****** head office where I work.”

A. M.   Nepean – Oct. 2009

“John, thank you for delivering my 4 cords last evening.  I got most of it stacked.  Where you unloaded it was perfect and I burned an arm full in my fireplace last evening.

R. K.   Woodlawn – Oct. 2009

“I found your firewood to be fantastic, and I was impressed by how much wood 2 real face cords were”.

D. F.    Stittsville – Aug. 2009

“Thanks for the prompt and efficient confirmation.  I am very impressed by your operation and glad to be a new customer.”

D. P.   Kanata – July 2009

“Hi John, great burning wood last year.  We would like 2 face cords of Maple this year.”

J. B.   Dunrobin – July 2009

“Please send me the latest price lists.  I will be ordering 10 to 15 cords.  Thanks John – we loved the wood last year.  Your wood was *much* better than the other supplier I had with Mixed Hardwood”

P.S.   Dunrobin -July 2009

“Hi  John, thanks for everything.  The boys did a great job.”

T. W.   Dunrobin – Nov. 2008

“Thanks for looking after all my queries in a timely manner.  Looking forward to having a roaring fire tonight”.

A. T.   Dunrobin – Sept. 2008

“Thanks for getting the wood here and for finding a tarp to cover it when the storm came through this afternoon.  It was a pleasure dealing with you and hope to talk to you again in the future.”

A. A.   Woodlawn – Sept. 2008

“We have sold our house and will be moving in September.  I will pass your email address on to the new owners.  Thanks for the great service”

Y. G.   Woodlawn – Aug.  2008

“Thanks very much for keeping us in mind for firewood – you don’t normally get this level of customer care!”

J. M.   Stittsville – Aug. 2007

“Attached is our order for this year.  Always a pleasure dealing with you, have a great summer!”

D. L.   Woodlawn – Aug. 2007

“Thank you so much for being on your “list”.  I really appreciate it.  I didn’t buy much from you last year but, if you recall, you were right here when I needed you.”

J. I.   Dunrobin – Aug.  2007

“We just sold our house and are moving to British Columbia.  We will pass your name and number on to the new owners.  Thanks for your prompt and efficient service over the years”.

B. R.    Dunrobin – Aug.  2007

“Great info package.  My order form is attached”.

W. M.    Fitzroy Harbour – Nov. 2006

“Thanks for delivering the order.  Excellent quality and much enjoyed yesterday.”

S. K.   Kanata – Oct. 2006

“Thank you for your great service”.

G. D.   Carp – Oct. 2006

“Thank you for the information, the Q & A was very informative”.

G. D.   Kanata – Oct. 2006

“Thanks for sending that information through.  It was really helpful.  I’ve filled in the order form”

E. J.   Dunrobin – Sept. 2006

“Thanks for the email John.  I too am a satisfied customer.  I will not need any additional firewood this winter but please contact me next year as I should have cleaned out my supplies by then.”

G. N.    Dunrobin – Aug.  2006

 “I just used some of the Oak you sold me and wanted to thank you very much.  It is as good as you had promised and I appreciate that”.

C. W.   Woodlawn – Sept. 2005

“I’m okay for this year.  Please contact me again next year as I will need more wood (10 cords).  The wood you delivered last year was great”.

T. H.    Dunrobin – July 2005

“Thank you very much for all the information.  I have taken the liberty of forwarding your email to the people in my office with a little note explaining the excellent customer service I have received.  There is about 100 people within the office and many of them reside in the country.  I am in sales and definitely understand the importance of word of mouth.  Thank you again for all your help.”

S. R.   Carp – April 2005

 “Thanks very much for your response to my inquiry about firewood.  Based on what I’ve seen and heard so far, I’m impressed by the way in which you are conducting business.  If all goes well, I anticipate being a long term repeat customer.”

J.K. Woodlawn – February 2005

“Thank you for emailing us all the information regarding ordering our winter supply of wood.  It was very informative. We would like to order 4 face cords of Maple if you have any left.”

K. M.    Woodlawn – Sept. 2004

“Many thanks for your thorough and informative package – quite a pleasant change from the norm.  Attached is my firewood order.”

D. F.    Kinburn – Sept. 2004

“I was very pleased with your product, hard maple and oak.  Very good value.”

P. C.    Dunrobin – July 2004

“I remember discussing this topic with you last September/October and you indicated you would provide me with some information in July.  I appreciate you following through on your commitment.”

M. S.    Dunrobin – July 2004

“Hope you are still doing firewood this year.  We enjoyed burning our maple.  Ready to order some more.”

R. H.   Woodlawn – July 2004

About our Question and Answer Document “What a great document.  Thanks for taking the time to put this together for your customers and for talking with me this evening.  I’ll look forward to hearing from you in July next year.”

J. G.    Dunrobin – Dec. 2003

“The wood is excellent.  So much so that I need another 3 cords.”

R. L.   Carp – Oct. 2003

“Thanks so much for remembering us.  Attached is our order for this year.”

D. E.    Nepean – July 2003

“Thanks for all the info.  Definitely put me on the list for next year.  Thanks also for taking the time to explain everything.”

S. M.    Stittsville – Sept. 2003

“I would like to thank you for the prompt reply.  I was impressed by the quality and depth of information you sent me.”

J. M.    Dunrobin – Oct. 2003

“Thanks for the prompt email and telephone conversation last night.  I have attached my wood order.”

C. P.    Kinburn – Sept. 2003

“An organized firewood guy.  Very refreshing.  You are reading the words of a potential repeat customer.”

B. M.    Kinburn – Sept. 2003

“Thank you for the very prompt and professional service package.  Very impressive.  I attach the completed order form”.

R. L.    Carp – August 2003

“Thank you for sending the info so quickly.  As a business owner myself, I consider customer service extremely important to the success of any business.  It is a shame that I do not come across great service as often as I should.  I would have to say John, I am very impressed with our telephone conversation and the e-mail info.  Keep up the good work.  Attached is my order form.”

S. B.    Woodlawn – Aug. 2003

“I was very impressed by your email and attachments.  I’m looking forward to doing business with you, now and in the future.”

M.W.    Kanata – Aug. 2003

“Attached is my order form for this year.  I really enjoyed your wood from last year.”

N.C.    Dunrobin – July 2003

“We were impressed with your professionalism.  We purchased wood from you last year and were pleased.  Thank You”.

J. H.   Woodlawn – July 2003

“Just wanted to drop a quick note and let you know that you have two happy customers here in Stittsville.  Both Bob and I have had fires already and are pleased with the results.  You saw the crap I had from last year, so it is a pleasure having some good wood.  It is a pleasure being able to write a positive note for a change.  Seems like most dealings recently tend to be less than positive and people are quick to dump on people when things go bad.  Most people do not take the time to let people know when they meet expectations or do a good job.  So it has been a pleasure and looking forward to saying that repeatedly, thanks again.”

P. V.   Stittsville – Oct. 2002